ADHD & Autism

People with Autism, ADHD or related problems are often just as capable as anyone else to drive a car. However, due to slightly different information processing in the brain, learning is less self-evident. Fortunately, the right guidance during driving lessons will help you to get your driver’s license.

Rijschool van den Brink is a recognized autism/AD(H)D instructor.

The road to your driver’s license with ADHD or Autism

Before you take a Driving Test, the CBR assesses your fitness to drive based on a Health Certificate. Do you have ADHD, ADD or autism? After completing the Health Statement, you will visit an independent psychiatrist for an examination. Sometimes you will take a driving test. This way, the CBR can properly assess whether you are able to drive safely.

In case of ADHD, ADD or autism, it must be an independent psychiatrist that conducts the investigation and prepares the report. Reason for this is that there is no factual information that the practitioner can pass on and in these cases the specialist assesses the fitness to drive. The CBR will refer you to an independent specialist with knowledge of driving license requirements and who is familiar with ADHD, ADD or autism spectrum disorders likewise.

Steps to take:

1. Complete the Health Certificate on My CBR. Enter that you have ADHD or ADD only if you are currently diagnosed. Has the treatment been stopped by a doctor before your 16th birthday, are you not taking any medication, and do you no longer have symptoms? Answer the question about ADHD and ADD with “no”.

2. After submission for your Health Certificate you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt by e-mail and via My CBR.

3. Have you answered one or more Health Certificate questions with “yes”? You will have to see a doctor and/or a specialist. In case of ADHD, ADD and autism this will be a psychiatrist. You will receive a message, including the required form(s) and referral(s) in My CBR. Arrange an appointment to fill in the form with the doctor and/or specialist. Do you prefer to visit another specialist? Make an appointment with an independent specialist from this list.

Are you taking a driving test for the first time and do you have AD(H)D or autism? You do not have to wait for the referral. You can immediately make an appointment with a specialist from the list. Bring a printout of all messages as well as your ID to the appointment.

4. The psychiatrist examines you and fills in the forms.

5. If you want to view the completed forms, you can make or request a copy for your own records. Does the doctor work with Zorgdomein? Data will be sent directly to the CBR. Does he fill out the paper form? Send them back to CBR, Gezondheidsverklaring, PO Box 1062, 2280 CB Rijswijk (ZH).

6. A doctor from the CBR will assess all your information and you will receive a message via My CBR.

7. After positive assessment the CBR might send you an invitation for a driving test.

8. After a successful driving test, you will receive a decision from the CBR via My CBR that you are fit to drive. Consequently, we can now request your exam.

The autism and ADHD protocol developed by Spectrum Nederland is used by the examiners of the CBR as well as in case of a medical driving test.

From trial lesson to driving license, you will be guided during the entire process in a way that suits your personal situation!