Via the CBR website (MENU), using your DigiD, login to My CBR. Once logged in, select English to have the rest of the website displayed in English.

Note: you must have access to My CBR in order to complete your Health Declaration and authorize our driving school.

Health Certificate


Anyone wishing to obtain or renew their driver’s license must complete a health declaration.

Keep in mind that in case you have to answer “yes” to any of the questions in your health statement the entire process may take some time.

Click on the link to go through the questions and complete your health declaration.

Cost: €44,50

Theory Exam

Before you can take an Interim Assessment or Driving Test, you must have passed your Theory Exam first.

As part of our Basic Package, our driving school takes care of requesting your Theory Exam. You do need to authorize our driving school to request your Theory Exam.

In case a resit is required CBR rate will be charged.

It is not necessary to have passed your Theory Exam when starting your driving lessons. However, driving lessons become easier if you are familiar with traffic signs and regulations.


Driving School

To be able to request your Theory Exam, the Interim Assessment, and your Driving Test, you must authorize our driving school.

This basically means that you officially communicate to the CBR that we are your driving school and that we will arrange your various tests.

To authorize our driving school, you’ll need a driving school code.

This is our driving school code: 1076G3