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Rijschool van den Brink provides you with lesson packages consisting of 12 lessons of 1 hour (60 minutes) each. However, if you would rather have 1.5-hour or 2-hour lessons, we will happily grant you longer lessons. We simply do not wan to complicate things, so we stick with 12-hour packages. It goes without saying that you won’t be ready to take your driving test after 12 hours on the road only. The average student needs 40-45 lessons. Hence, we offer follow-up packages too. Consequently, you do not have to pay for a large package in one go.

Basic package € 1340,=


12 driving lessons of 60 minutes each

Interim Assessment incl. extra lesson prior to test

Driving Test incl. extra lesson prior to test

Theory Package worth € 49,=

Theory Exam worth € 54,=

Follow-up Package € 720,=


12 driving lessons of 60 minutes each

Unused lessons will of course be reimbursed.



Retest Package € 670,=

6 driving lessons of 60 minutes each

Retest incl. extra lesson prior to test

On the day of your driving test or interim assessment:

  • Your instructor will pick you up at home 75 minutes before the scheduled test/exam. We then have a full hour driving lesson in which we can practice to perfection.
  • We must be present at the exam location 15 minutes prior to the start of the driving test/TTT. You can use that time for a cup of coffee/tea and/or a sanitary emergency stop.
  • The driving test/TTT will be done in our lesson car. Whether your instructor will join you is entirely up to you. Some like it, others don't.
  • After the driving test/TTT your instructor will drop you at home.




Performance Anxiety Test



€ 54,=

€ 310,=

€ 360,=

€ 330,=

In case you want to combine your Basic Package with a Performance Anxiety Test or a BNOR-Test, the additional price will be charged separately.

(additional cost € 50,=)

(additional cost € 20,=)

Our Theory Packages

Our Basic Package comes with a convenient perk: a free Theory Package. Do you study better from paper or are you 100% digital do you learn best with interactive videos?

Choose which method will be best for you from the two English-languages Packages below.

CBR offers theory exams in English as well

Learning to drive – Theory book

Contains a printed book, an online test after every chapter and 10 hours online practice (chapter tests and mock exams)

CBR offers theory exams in English as well.

Scratch Card for 3-D Theory Online

3D Theory comprises the entire theory book, presented in photo’s, videos and 3D animations.

In addition to theory, 3D Theory ENGLISH contains simulated CBR exams of 65 questions each.

One scratch card grants you 4 months of unlimited learning and practice.