Who we are

Rijschool van den Brink stands for quality driving lessons in and around Tiel. We do not train you to get your driver’s license. We make sure our students become skilled and confident drivers!

Meet your instructor: Marcel van den Brink

Why Rijschool van den Brink:

  • Free trial lesson
  • Start driving lessons at 16.5 years
  • Certified autism/AD(H)D instructor (click for more info)
  • One permanent driving instructor
  • English-speaking driving instructor
  • New, modern lesson car
  • Choose regular lessons or a crash course
  • If desired, your driving instructor will be present during your test
  • Standard additional driving lessons of one hour prior to your test or interim assessment
  • During your training you will drive at least once in a larger town such as Arnhem
  • Use the convenient driver’s license app (rijbewijsapp) providing you with more overview and fun during training (click on the logo for more info)


Our lesson car is equipped with a NextBase DashCam.

Initially, we purchased this DashCam to avoid discussions with fellow road users who might need some refresher driving lessons, but surprisingly the DashCam happened to be an important part of the driving lessons in general.

That is why we will lend you a suitable SD card so that you can watch your own driving lessons at home. Of course, during class you will receive instant feedback on what is going well and what is not, but it helps to see for yourself what happened. We will provide you with the link to a specific program that allows you to view images side by side as can be seen in the above photo.

After years of experience with and without DashCam, we have noticed that students make faster progress when using the Dashcam.

                  view frontcamera                           view behindcamera

However, CBR rides cannot be recorded, so unfortunately you will not be able to save your exam ride as a memory.